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Student Storage

with Moving Buddy, an Armbruster Moving & Storage co.

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A trusted CWRU partner, carefully
moving your belongings

Armbruster Moving & Storage has long been a trusted partner of Case Western Reserve University. We have been providing student storage services for the past 10 years with CWRU.

We can assure you that your belongings being safely packed and stored is important to the University and our student moving team at Moving Buddy. Moving Buddy specializes in medium to small moves and manages student moving, storage, and shipping.  

Select from three all-inclusive packages

Blue Package

Professional moving crews will safely inventory, move your items, store your items, and delivery from storage to your new on-campus room. *1 month of storage included.

$499 Package
Yellow Package
Professional moving crews will safely inventory, move, and deliver to our warehouse to prep for shipping home or warehouse pick-up. A long distance move quote will be presented to you shortly thereafter.  

$250 Package
+ shipping home cost
Red Package
Profesional moving crews will safely move, transport, and deliver to your off-campus housing within a 10-mile radius. This is same day service.
$630 Package
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Add Professional Packing Service

Moving Buddy's student storage program lets you schedule your pick-up, storage, and delivery within minutes.

Packing is an add on service and not required. For $200 our team will bring the boxes, tape, and paper to pack up to 8 boxes the day of your move.

Delivery options

Choose from 3 delivery options for your items.
Cost varies based on your delivery option and final destination.

If your items were moved to storage during the months of March or April then read this message.
It is important to know items in the common area of your room suite were packed together with your roommates.
Once packed these items are not able to be broken down and separated out at the warehouse. The boxes will have to
be separated once delivered on campus in the fall.

Warehouse Pick-Up
Warehouse pick-up is available by reservation only. Email us to reserve your warehouse pick-up date and time. The warehouse is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.
Ship Home
Give us your delivery address, time, and the items you want shipped. Boxes stay sealed and unopened once they arrive at the warehouse. Additional cost are associated with this shipping option.  
On & Off Campus Delivery
Scheduled deliveries on campus to residence halls or nearby off-campus addresses. Reserve a 2-hour time slot for delivery. Delivery includes in-room service.
Schedule Delivery

Property Protection

We automatically protect, at no additional cost, each shipment against loss or damage due to our negligence up to a value of $100.  

You are in good hands.

As your buddy we promise to be helpful providing guidance throughout this process,
transparent so that you can trust your
items are in good hands, and to give you the peace and mind.

Full service storage

Your items are kept in vaulted storage in a 40,000 sq.ft household goods warehouse. The warehouse is monitored 24-7 with a security system.
Licensed, insured, professional crews
Our crews are trained professionals that make taking care of your items their priority. Your vinyl collection is pristine, we’ll make sure it stays that way.
Flexible delivery to fit
your needs
With multiple options you can choose the one that fits your needs. .
About Moving Buddy
Moving Buddy is a local moving company focused on medium to small moves in Cleveland, Oh. Moving Buddy partners with Armbruster Moving to service their customer moves with their professional crews and trucks. Moving Buddy is a subsidiary of Armbruster Moving.
About Armbruster Moving & Storage
Armbruster Moving & Storage is a family-owned and operated moving company that has been servicing Cleveland since 2001. They specialize in residential moving, commercial moving, and specialized logistics.

Safely Stored

Our secure & protected storage facility is located at our offices in Brunswick, Ohio. The facility is protected with 24/7 surveillance and security system.

It is important to note that our warehouse is not a self-storage facility and not open to the public. But can be scheduled for customer pick-up by appointment. Items are kept in secure vaults inside our household goods storage section of the warehouse.

Our customers love
what we do

And you will, too. Read what they have to say about the easiest way to move locally.

Braiden & Q were wonderful and very understanding! I would definitely recommend this company to a friend. The communication was great and the team was flexible.
Jordan C, Customer
Excellent movers. On time and work quickly. I will recommend and use their services again.
Kellynn C, Customer
Moving Buddy was fantastic to work with! Very professional, eager to make everything just right, extremely careful with everything! Efficient and positive! Highly recommend!
Amy L, Customer

You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers

If you have more questions about your items or the delivery process take a look at our FAQs below to learn more.
Or get in contact with Moving Buddy.

How many students does each package cover?

Each package cost and service is intended for 1 student. The package cannot be purchased for more than 1 student(s) items. We have used data science from years of moving students to figure out the average number of pieces each individual student has which allows us to price the move with a flat rate.

If I'm not present how will the packing crew know what items are mine?

Prior to the packing crew arriving you will be sent a survey to fill out a detailed list of what items are yours. The packing crew will reference this sheet when packing.

When will I get my stuff?

If you select our standard package we will deliver your items when you request. If you selected our a We Ship Home package then we will provide you with a personal quote and estimated delivery time.

How much does it cost to ship my items home?

Cost vary depending on the quantity of items and where the destination is. Submit your shipping details for a quote through our website or here. Enter your details and a member from our team will reach out to you with a flat rate quote.

What is the average cost to pack, ship, & deliver my items from my dorm to residence? 

Average cost ranges between $800 -$2,000. This is based on average piece count of 15 items (boxes and furniture items)

Does the package cost cover the cost to ship my items home?

Once your order your items to be shipped home you will receive a quote. If you choose to not accept the quote then you can keep your items at the storage facility for $25/month.

Where can you ship my items to?

We can ship your items domestically & internationally.

Can I store my items with you for longer than 1 month?

Our packages include storage for 1 month. Items can be stored past this time with additional cost ($25/month). 

How much insurance is included in each package?

Each package includes $100 of personal property protection. There is not an option to purchase increased amount of PPP.


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